Dr. Kakar’s Invention: Mind Coach- The Nutrition of your Mind

Mind coach (Patent Applied) is an invention of Dr. Kakar which has been useful for the corporate for all walks of life. Psychologically it has been seen that each individual is resourceful and has the ability to overcome any emotion. However, one may not be able to since he does not know How to overcome it, especially, the Negative Emotions. There are scientific Psychological methods which bring an individual out of a powering emotion which he wants to get rid of. And that method is 'empowering self by introspection'. 

Usually what happens when an individual is gripped with anger or fear, he is so riveted by it that he keeps looking at the problem or continues to feel hatred towards the person and does not think about the solution. We have a method of empowering the individual to come out of the said emotion by asking certain questions (which are not more than 15 in numbers for each emotion. With every question that a person answers, internally, he would feel better and by the last question, he is out from the clutches of the negative emotion. Also, before starting to answer the questions, one would first read through Inspirational and motivational quotes related to that particular emotion. This helps the person to get into the frame of answering these questions.

The emotions that Mind Coach covers are Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Under confidence, Stress, Uncertainty, Decision Making, Impatience, Delaying Decision, and Avoiding. Mind coach has very friendly yet highly introspective questions. You can download Mind Coach on your mobile and stay at ease always.