Motivational Speaker

Dr. Kakar is India's most sought after Motivational Speaker. His talks are not only inspirational but logical and substantiated with evidence; needless to say, the participants are made to experience the same during the talk. He talks about life being a strategy, if we succeed it was a good strategy otherwise a bad strategy. 

He motivates the participants to think about the adage concept of Destiny Vs Free Will and to choose any one of them instead of sailing in the two boats at the same time. He further adds, when we are successful, when we achieve our target or task, we tend to say 'I have done it', however when we fail in the same, we may say, 'It did not happen because of my boss, Colleague, God etc'. If you ask Dr. Kakar, he says, there is nothing called luck or destiny and he further adds that we make our own destinies. 

Dr. Kakar has been invited by hundreds of organizations to motivate their employees. He has done 1 Hr to 12 Hrs sessions (Two Day) on Motivation and has left the participants gasping for more. He has been invited to motivate Sales teams, Annual Conferences, Seminars, Foundation Day, Award Nights, Dealer's Meet, Product Launches and more..