Dr. Kakar as a Coach motivates and facilitates people to work for the vision of the Organization and helps senior executives, Director's, CEO's, HOD's to realize and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

When a person rises up the organizational ladder, there may be times when he starts losing the deft touch with himself resulting in average or low productivity. Through coaching based on Psychometric tests and other management activities, Dr. Kakar helps executives understand their notions and how their assumptions and experiences are taking their efficiency away from them.

Dr. kakar helps them find answer to questions like, How are they looking at the organization Vision? What kind of culture are they bringing and instilling in the organization? How are they motivating themselves and their employees? How do they manage their insecurities, negativity and anxieties? Through Dr. Kakar's Coaching sessions, the executives find a significant change and transformation helping themselves to rejuvenate and motivate, bringing them to their optimal level of performance.