Key Note Speaker

Session/ Topic
Topic Coverage 
Learning Outcome 
    Motivational Session
  Recognizing one’s Innate potential 
  1. Empowering Self
  2. Understanding the power of mind and its working
  3. Regulating mind Being sensitive  

1. To believe in oneself

2. To look within one self and identify one’s behavior.

3. To build in right attitude through power of Mind 

  Ownership Taking Perception
  1. Person Vs Non Person
  2. Responsibility Vs Hope
  4. Attitude Vs Skills
  5. Handling Emotions and Others 

1. Responsible for self

2. Taking of ownership good or bad, right or wrong, we should reward or blame our attitude.

3. Being sensitive to others emotions and reactions.

4. Valuing Work 

    Essence Of Team & Togetherness
  Understand Self and Team 
  1. Essence of Team Work
  2. Team Vs Individual
  3. Advantages of Working in a Team
  4. Human Body as a Team
  5. Sharing Workload
  6. Organization as Team 

1. To perceive and believe that organization as much as a real family.

2. Organization is yours and colleagues as family.

3. To spread this message with faith that whatever may come I am always with colleagues and the organization.

4. Collaboration vs Competition 

    Communicating For Organization 
  1. What is Assertiveness
  2. Importance of Assertiveness
  3. Assertiveness Vs Aggressiveness
  4. Self Esteem & and Assertiveness 

1. Participants will learn how to keep their things across and be more transparent at their work.

2. They will be able to put their feeling without expecting that they have to be implemented by the seniors. 

    Being An Effective Not Efficient Leader 
  Transformational Leadership 
  1. Vision & Mission
  2. Essence of Team Work
  3. Responsibility Vs Hope
  4. Recognizing Human Potential
  5. You and Your Team
  6. Following Through Commitments
  7. Team Dynamics and life cycle
  8. Team work and Team Leading
  9. 1:20  

1. They will understand how leader makes every team works.

2. What different stages a leader takes the team

3. They will understand the cultural impact on a team. 

    Developing Right Behavior & Attitude 
  Constructive Vs Destructive Behavior 
  1. Desirable Behavior & Perception
  2. Stimulus & Response
  3. ‘Let Go’
  4. Expectations as Command Behavior 

1. To think constructively

2. Giving right Stimulus and not being impulsive

3. Forgiving and Forgetting others undesirable behavior. 

  Behavior & Attitude  
  1. Respect for Time and others Space
  2. Sensitive towards Colleagues
  3. Black and White
  4. Impact of office behavior at Home
  5. Not hitting below the belt 

1. Not to control others or expect what one wants to hear.

2. To respect others freedom of speech and space and show tolerance. 3. Make efforts but not to expect results to be on ones side. 

    Developing Effective Business Communication 
  Defining Good Business Communication 
  1. Concept of Communication
  2. Communication Flow
  3. Barriers to Communication

1. The Participants will understand the objective of communication and will communicate keeping the objectives in mind.

2. They will understand different orientations of communication.